Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy will help you avoid financial catastrophes if you are diagnosed with a serious, chronic, or terminal illness.

Some of the main benefits are:

  Advance up to 100% of your insurance to be able to continue living your usual standard of living.

  Have a tax-free retirement fund.

  When you die, leave your loved ones a legacy of prosperity and not one with debt and poverty.

Health Insurance

Through our advice on health insurance I guide you to get a low cost coverage, adapted to your needs, income and dependents.

With a health plan you can get: a free annual checkup to prevent future illnesses, coverage in an emergency room or hospitalization, access to specialists, medicines and more.

GAP Insurance

These are the policies that offer additional coverage and allow you to have a plan with 0% deductible. A GAP Insurance can be added to any policy you have, like a health plan, a short term or auto coverage.

This insurance covers the part that your other policy does not cover.

Final Expenses and Funeral Services Policy

The death of a relative generates anguish and sadness, and to this is added the concern about the high costs of funeral services.

We can help you get an insurance that pays 100% of funeral expenses after 72 hours of effectiveness of the policy, and with coverage for up to 6 members of your family.

Accident and Hospitalization Insurance

This type of coverage relieves your financial pressure since it replaces your income with cash for each day of hospitalization, and offers coverage in accidents that cause injuries. It will allow you to focus on what is really important: your health.

Dental Insurance

Get a healthy and happy smile with a low-cost insurance that has excellent benefits, and covers the treatments you need the most.

Dental treatments can be excessively expensive if we do not have an adequate insurance. That is why we work with companies that help you prevent unnecessary expenses in unexpected events.

Vision Insurance

Most health insurance do not include visits to the optometrist or prescription for annual glasses, however there are policies that can help you with the coverage you need for your visual health.

Home Insurance

This type of policy helps you protect your home against unexpected events. You will be able to obtain coverage that protects the structure of your house and the things inside, offering well-being and security to you and your family.

Disability Insurance

They cover up to 60% of your salary for a limited period of up to 2 years. These types of policies help protect your income if you can’t work.

Car Insurance

This is a mandatory coverage in the United States, with which you can protect your vehicle through a coverage that adapts to your needs in the event of partial loss or total loss of your car, while also protecting third party vehicles.

This type of coverage protects the investment of your car and damages to third parties.

Short Term

Coverage for up to 12 months and expenses for up to one million dollars in the event of an unexpected hospitalization.

One of its great benefits is that in order to have this coverage you do not need a defined migration status, which is why it is an excellent option for those who do not qualify for help in their Medical Insurance.

Liability Insurance

This type of coverage protects you and your business against damages to third parties that could be caused in the use of an asset or in the development of your company’s activities.

International and Travelers Insurance

Ideal for people who want to cover their health outside of the United States, in order to be protected against medical eventualities anywhere in the world, and for people that is not based in the US who want to plan and protect their financial future through a Life insurance.

Similarly, travel coverage helps you in the case of traveling abroad and experience unexpected events such as the loss of luggage, a medical emergency, the loss of documents and more.



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