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Yasmín Peña, was born in Colombia, and now is a self-made entrepreneur and consultant in Health and Life Insurance in the United States. She specializes in helping people to be protected through financial tools according to their needs, so that people can plan for the future and live peaceful life.

She is the woman who sells the most insurance in the country and is also a pioneer in the field of health in Florida.

Martín Tuirán, is a Protection and Leadership Advisor with more than 12 years of experience in the Insurance world in the United States.

He has been awarded internationally for ten consecutive years by the prestigious global insurer AIG – American Insurance Group, and continues to be named one of the most important top producers in the world of insurance.

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Mariela Sánchez

Yasmin from Promised Land is a professional with a lot of knowledge in Life Insurance, very good disposition and excellent customer service.